Ceiba Global (pronounced "SAY-ba") is a first generation American
based business focusing on leveraging information technology in
international educational markets in developing countries in the
Caribbean and Central America. The objective is to utilize technology
in creative ways to level the global playing field for schoolchildren
throughout the Diaspora to compete with their counterparts around
the world, leading to increased economic opportunities and improved
local conditions.

                  "Think Globally to Impact Locally"

Ceiba Global's management has over 20 years of Information
Technology experience in Unix client/server mid to large scale
development, production, test and QA enterprise environments.  A
conceptual forward-thinker and technical leader working with bleeding
edge technologies from the mid 1980's.
Systems Consulting and Analysis
Systems Design and Engineering
Infrastructure Deployments
Network Security
Network Management
Project Management
The ancient Maya of Central America believed that a great Ceiba tree
(pictured at right) stood at the center of the earth, connecting the
terrestrial world to the spirit-world above.  The long thick vines hanging
down from its spreading limbs provided a connection to the heavens
for the souls that ascended them.  Even today, these grand trees are
regularly spared when forests are cut -- it is a common event to see
lone, isolated Ceiba trees proudly spreading their shady branches high
above a pasture or agricultural field, a relict of the great forests that
once were there.
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Ceiba tree
Ceiba Global, LLC
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