Who We Are

With an Information Technology background spanning over 20 years,
Ceiba Global's management has extensive enterprise architecture
experience in engineering and analysis in Systems Integration, UNIX
System Administration, Network Management and Network Security.

Ceiba Global's management has previously successfully founded and
managed a U.S.-based 8
(a) going concern for over 10 years.  Clients
supported were in the Biotechnology,
U.S. Government Financial
services and Petroleum industries.

Wall Street experience supporting Investment Banking in Systems Test
and Systems Integration and Production Deployment.  Played an
instrumental role in building the first client/server trading floors on Wall
Street at the World Trade Center in the early 1990's.

Software Engineering in Boston during the Tech explosion on Route 128
in the 1980's; built and supported manufacturing software products.  

In the InterNIC, before and during the inception of the domain registration
boom, provided support to the commercial, education and military
Internet networks.  Consulted to numerous telecommunications firms,
government agencies, educational institutions and banks as part of
professional services teams.

Pulling disparate systems and processes together is a specialty.  We
enjoy playing an instrumental role in large scale projects and seeing
projects through to the end.

Includes international IT assignments in London, England; Kuala
Lumpur and Johor Bahru, Malaysia.

Our focus now is in supporting clients in the Diaspora of Central America
and the Caribbean.
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